Saturday, December 17, 2011

He Said Fartlek... hehe.

So next weeks schedule contains all kinds of complexities.  It reads like a real athlete is going to be performing these workouts.  Apparently, DW still has not found this blog.

This weeks schedule was not complex, just fairly hard.  More intense workouts, longer workouts and more of them.  But hard I can do.  Grrr!!  I'm a tough duck!  I don't back down from hard!!!


......SIR!!  YESSIR!!.........................!!!!!

But complicated?  DW, do you actually think my brain gets ANY blood flow once I put this body in motion?  Oh dear.

To punctuate the fact that I am completely lost in a complex landscape, I had to email the boss a long list of questions...

for example:

How do I determine a 1/2 IM race pace?  Two of my workouts use a 1/2 IM race pace.

My first thought was "butterfly-backstroke-breaststroke.... no wait, that can't be right!"

Half-ironman race pace?  GOOD GOD!  That would be about three days assuming there was a wheel chair for the last third.  The most impressive thing I have done so far is a handful of 5ks, a half-marathon, a couple of sprints and a big, fat injury.  While I have total faith that he has a very logical, calm answer for this, I have between now and when his reply arrives to flap about it!

and another thing...

WHAT is a FARTLEK swim???

Ok, so probably not that.

I realize I could act like an adult and google the term, wait for his response and perform the workout in a poised and mature fashion.

Yup, I COULD.  But I won't.  Not when I can entertain myself with fartlek jokes.

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