Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On The Road Again..

I am heading out this morning from NJ.  I have been here since the 9th.  It feels like a lifetime.  There has been a lot of emotion involved in this trip for me and I am certainly ready to point the truck south and say "Mush!"

I learned a lot about myself, my body, my family (more on that in a moment) and my training.  I understand now that nailing difficult workouts is more than just a decision.  It's having the confidence to push when it gets a little hard.  It's believing in what you do enough to be an athlete at all times, not just during the hours a day that you train.   And so much more.

Yesterday I delayed my departure a day to reconnect with an aunt and cousins who I have not seen in many years.  As we sat around the dinner table, we discussed health issues and it was like talking to myself.  My aunt and one cousin have the same issues right down to which joints are affected by pain.  Gluten has put them in the hospital over and over again.  It was validation and understanding that really helped.  I am not alone, and I am not imagining things.

My next stop is TN where I will pick up the airstream and then carry on to NC.  The plan is to stay a couple of days there with  MVF, the cycling fiend.  Apparently she got a donut maker for Christmas and found a gluten-free, vegan pumpkin spice donut mix.

Oh my.

I am quite sure I will get plenty of exercise though, as she lives in really big mountains and thinks the best way to the top is by pedal power!!

Life is good and life goes on.

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